Parkway Drive – Darker Still


Parkway Drive are one of those bands that at some point in their career have to decide whether they will continue to play in the style they΄ve been loved and became known for, or if they will expand their horizons and experiment with new elements and go wherever it takes them. From ‘Ire’ onwards, the Aussies have chosen the second path and, whether we like it or not, they are doing it with great success. They manage to put their music in the arenas of the world and make us wonder how much higher will they reach. Fans of the first records probably don’t follow them anymore, but a huge number of new fans embraced the band and took them to the next level. So, in ‘Darker Still’, Parkway Drive continue their journey, offering us a release that obviously contains the riffs and breakdowns to the intense degree thst we are used to, but it also has plenty of melodies and made-for-the-stage choruses that without a doubt will stick to your head and make you sing along. The album’s title track shows that the band is not afraid of anything and can even write ballads, even if that means younger audiences will remember them more through them. The metalcore band from Byron Bay seems to know very well what they are doing, declaring that they will set fire to every stadium and festival they find. And, to tell you the truth, they deserve it!