Paul Raymond (UFO) has just passed away. The news broke via Facebook from his partner in life who wrote this on the official Paul Raymond Page:
Hi to all the fans and people who knew Paul! This is Sandra, Paul’s life partner speaking: With a desperate and broken heart, fully in tears and pains that feel like they will kill me I have to tell you that my most beautiful and beloved darling Paul Raymond has passed away today. The doctors we’re trying to reanimate him and with success at first but then his system shot down again and there was nothing more they could do for him, he died of a heart attack.
He absolutely enjoyed the last couple of weeks touring with UFO in the UK & Ireland and he was looking forward to the rest of this year’s tour.
This photo was taken last Wednesday when we checked out of our last hotel before coming back to Germany!
I will always love him and I hope he will rest in piece until I’ll see him again on the other side!!!
I love you so much Paul,