The BADLANDS HOUSE BAND, the musical voice of Chuck Brennan’s new Badlands Pawnentertainment destination, made their debut in true post-Apocalyptic fashion on Thursday, August 27 at The District in Sioux Falls.
The band, fans, staff and venue endured a record-breaking thunderstorm which caused major flooding and road closures throughout the region, and a power outage lasting nearly two hours. The hundreds of rock ‘n’ roll enthusiasts that remained at the venue roared when the power came back on and the BADLANDS HOUSE BAND took the stage.
“We stayed ready, and maintained our focus,” said lead singer Ron Keel. “When the juice came back on, it was time to go to work.”
The electricity remained on for the entire show, which featured plenty of flames, smoke, explosions, a drum riser built like the front of a train — and special guest appearances by Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Paul Stanley from KISS and NIGHT RANGER’s Jack Blades.