Paul “Tonka” Chapman dies


Welsh guitarist Paul Chapman known for his tenure in UFO between 1980 – 1983 died on his birthday (JUne 9th) at 66, as it was confirmed by his son on Facebook.

«Με βαριά καρδιά σας ενημερώνω πως σήμερα είναι τα 66α γενέθλια του πατέρα μου. Απεβίωσε νωρίτερα το απόγευμα. Ήταν εκπληκτικός, γεμάτος ενέργεια, αγάπη, το πιο ανέμελο άτομο και ο πρώτος άνθρωπος που αγάπησα. Όποιος ερχόταν σε επαφή μαζί του τον αγαπούσε. Όχι, τον λάτρευε», έγραψε.

Except from UFO he also played with Universe, Skid Row (where he replaced Gary Moore), Lonestar and Waysted. After Michael Schenker’s departure he recorded four studio albums “No Place To Run” (1980), “The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent” (1981), “Mechanix” (1982) and “Making Contact” (1983).

Lately he was teaching music at his studio in Melbourne, Florida.