Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

The break that was announced by Pearl Jam after the excellent “Backspacer” is over. In these four years they had the opportunity to make their personal side projects, to get rest (why not after all?) but mainly to regain strength and inspiration to create music.

This is obvious in the “Lightning Bolt”. The band from Seattle is back with another great album, an album that captivates you from the introduction of “Getaway”, a track that puts you directly in the spirit of “Lightning Bolt”. This is none other than pure rock of today, with emphasis on guitars and of course on the snap melodies of Eddie Vedder. The grunge element has been replaced by rough rock in a total of twelve tracks, with an unbalanced as well as solid sound and tempo. Only the drums of Matt Cameron seem to retain the older sound of Pearl Jam and maybe this is the most important element of the final result.

The composition of the album is much like in high level with songs like “Getaway”, “My Father’s Son”, “Infallible”, being on top of the group’ s compositions and with high chances of being included on their ‘best of’ album.. which will probably be released.

The “Lightning Bolt” is one more great album by Pearl Jam. Only great bands can release great albums in a row!


Pearl Jam