Pelican – Nighttime Stories


PELICAN is a great band with a huge impact all over the post rock/metal scene with a series of great albums that started from the great debut (“Australasia”, 2003) and everything that followed with only exception “Forever Becoming” that was kind of mumsy. But six years of absence are too many so they guys from Illinois are back with a new great album and everyone that loves them knows exactly what to expect, enjoyable instrumental post metal with engaging atmospheres that leads you through never ending goossbumps.

But please, don’t judge the album from the 3 minute long opener “WST” that is calmy because everything will be set properly with “Midnight and Mescaline”. And don’t get confused by the title of the album, Pelican won’t whisper night lullabies because –and that’s a surprise- their pace is fast (Larry Herweg is unstoppable on drumming, we can even hear blast beats, check “Abyssal Plain” that follows) and great heavy riffing. Then, the enjoyable “Cold Hope” and “It Stared At Me” come as a bridge with their slower pace but then the heavy superb riff of “Nighttime Stories” will bring a huge smile of satisfaction on our face. Just before the end we have the fast –and full of smart riffing- “Artenes Of Blacktop” and finally the melodic –with some nice rhythm changes- “Full Moon, Black Water”.

I open my eyes just to push the “play” button again, the trip begins for one more time…

The album comes in many different formats by Southern Lord and in a few days we’ll see them live in Athens (after many many years) at Fuzz Club (October 11).