Pentagram – Curious Volume


A new Pentagram album is always a great event for the rock and doom metal community. The band that was conceived 45 years ago by the eccentric to say the least Bobby Liebling (a cross between a witch and a demented Harley rider) still continues to give us the chills while being a point of reference for both old and new bands of that particular sound. And Pentagram music is maybe more relevant than ever, since the sound of the 70s and Stoner rock are on a rise with new bands emerging all the time founded by members that could easily be ol’ Bobby’s grandchildren. Curious Volume features iconic guitarist Victor Griffin in yet another return. Without a doubt a “can’t live with you, can’t live without you” kind of relationship that has branded the sound of an entire genre. It didn’t take more than one spin to realize that Curious Volume is superior to its predecessor Last Rites. I don’t know if that particular statement is unfair towards Last Rites but I usually trust first impressions blindly. I dare to say that it stands somewhere between Review Your Choices and Sub-basement. The proper Pentagram sound, great 70’s vibes. In songs like Close the Casket, Sufferin’ or Dead Bury Dead the groove literally becomes you. It seems that this old witch refuses to call it quits. Riding her broom she still casts her music spells while observing through her eerie googly eyes.