Persona Non Grata – Confirm Your Humanity


It’s well known that the Greek metal scene has to offer many great bands. It’s also well known that many Greek fans think the worse of it. Well, their problem. Persona Non Grata is one of these bands and they choose to play progressive metal.

Third album from the Athenians, five years after the great “Quantum Leap” in which we see line-up changes once more. Chris Gatsos (guitars) and John Ioannidis (keyboards) are the founding members while on vocals we have the return of Bill Axiotis (he sung in their debut album “Shade In The Light”) who proves that he is one of the best voices in Greece with his excellent singing. Last but not least, Chris Kollias is their new bass player and Akis Gavalas is once more on drums, but he is not a full-time member although he played in all PNG’s albums. Their music is full of properly structured songs, very good technique (without extended and unnecessary solos) and very nice changes in their songs making “Confirm…” an excellent choice for the progressive metal fans. Good songwriting is a very delicate situation among bands of the same sound and PNG know how to make proper songs that stick to your mind. Also, the production and mixing of this album was made by the legendary Chris Tsangarides, so you can understand that perfection will come out of your speakers.

A while ago Poem released their new album, now PNG and later in this year we might have new releases by Need and Until Rain. The progressive metal sound in Greece has a lot of great bands. Just pay attention and find out about them.

For the fans of: Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation, Fates Warning