Phantasma – The Deviant Hearts


Let us call this one a ‘super group’ too. Although, by using this term things have come out of hand. So be it…we are talking about three very good musicians who decided to unite their powers for something different to emerge. The uniqueness of the final ‘product’, however, is something relevant (questionable). Charlotte Wessels (the voice of Delain), Georg Neuhauser (singer of Serenity) and Oliver Phillips (voice, guitar and piano of Everon) are presenting a project which is influenced by all three bands and composition-wise sounds decent. “The Deviant Hearts” may give the impression of a semi-acoustic album in many ways and may appear as incomplete up to a point. We could classify it as symphonic metal which has been enhanced with several Celtic, as well as Renaissance elements. This album is the outcome of the collaboration of many significant guests such as Tom Englund (Evergrey), Chloe Lowery (Trans-Siberian Orchetra), Dennis Schunke (Van Canto), Randy George (Neal Morse) and Tom Buchberger, guitar player and founder member of Serenity.

“The Deviant Hearts” is a decent release and that’s all there is to be said. It does not reach greatness as there are many things missing…