According to Jay Gorania of, former PANTERA and currentDOWN and SUPERJOINT frontman Philip Anselmo is singing and writing material for a new death metal project called METRATON NGANGA. The group, whose lineup also includes drummer José Manuel Gonzalez (SUPERJOINT, WARBEAST, PHILIP H. ANSELMO & THE ILLEGALS), possesses a sound that is described by Gorania as “mysterious” and “dark,” and “not far removed from the spirit of old IMMOLATION and INCANTATION, or even Mexico’s SHUB NIGGURATH.” The writer, who heard a few of the METRATON NGANGA tracks while hanging out with Anselmo at the first show of SUPERJOINT’s recently completed tour, adds: “It’s thunderous, yet it has a distant, detached dream-like quality.”