Most likely most of you don’t know who Philm is, unless you guys spend a lot of time on the net, checking out the news over the Rock magazines. Now, for those of you into this sport, you already know it’s a power-trio, consisting of mighty Dave Lombardo on drums (Slayers, GRIP INC.), Gerry Nestler (Civil Defiance) on guitars and vox and Pancho Tomaselli (WAR) on bass.

I read those guys play Hardcore and post-Hardcore, featuring noisy guitars and annoying vocals. Yep, too much fuzz on the board… We run by starting track “Vitriolize” – talking about one of the most indifferent songs I’ve heard these last three months – and reach songs that fans will listen to yet I doubt they’re gonna be swept off their feet. Lombardo is testing various playing modes, even doing some funky tempos at times; guitars and voice sound good, however I don’t have the slightest idea whether this hybrid can intrigue Hardcore fans; these people are actual scholars on the subject. One might even find Stoner particles in here, Nestler can surely sing a huge range of other stuff, however I do believe that it’s gonna get stuck with the composition element. Yeah, right… Like I know of what I’m writing about. You’re about to read why in a few seconds.

Noticed that there are some kewl ideas, various samplers in the beginning and the ending of the songs… For instance, the intro over “Way down” is really interesting, featuring some darkened vocals; the song is a bit spacey, totally different than the previous ones; guitars electo-ing and acoustic-ing, pointing at 70’s bands. Totally Sabbathical!

“Harmonic” track is even more spacey! Dude, were they watching “Live at Pompeii” before sitting down to do this album? Madness looks a bit the same… I wanted to write about that when I heard the “Way down” tune… This is one massive Pink Floyd manic situation here… Huge stroke! Rest of the tracks follow the same pattern. This is one major instrumental thing, the outcome of a jam around blues works and Blue Cheer disciples! Can’t write more, I’m off to listen all over again… Btw, Ipecac is the label that Mike Patton founded, along with Greg Werckman, right?