Pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs – King of Cowards


You have nothing to worry about when the band you are playing is called Pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs. British, from Newcastle, they are literally called Pigs x 7 and play doom stoner.
Dirty, aggressive doom with the characteristic screaming/shouting vocals of Matt Baty! You have to listen to them to understand how heavy they are! I would say that they are a combination of Black Sabbath and Motorhead, and in some cases their guitars and their volume brought to mind our own lads, 1000Mods (especially the starter “GNT”, for which a special video clip has been released). “Shockmaster” is the doom that I want, with Iommi influence (your blessing), while “A66” is the most experimental and interesting that takes their sound at the edges (as I said when you are called Pigs x 7, you have nothing to fear) and lasts 9 minutes.

From the riff of “Thumbsucker” you can borrow concrete for your next repair, and following “Cake of light”, the shortest track on the album, once again had a 1000Mods reference (which means Kyuss as well). “Gloamer” will knock you as the hammer to the anvil (!), the only track with clear vocals for the first 2 minutes, until the known panic of shouting will prevail.

Super heavy album for all friends of doom-stoner-sludge.