Piledriver frontman, Gord Kirchin, dies at 60


At the age of 60 and after a battle with lung cancer, Gord Kirchin, lead singer of Canada’s Piledriver, passed away yesterday, September 22nd.

His sister, Tina, wrote on social media: “”Before I got to the hospital he played 2 songs for me on Sirius XM, Home Sweet Home ‘I’m on my way please set me free home sweet home’ and of course KISS, Rock n Roll All Night. I know for a fact he sent me that message. He passed while I was on my way.

“I’m heartbroken, so so heartbroken, but I know he will be playing music with all his Idols over there. Namely Frank Zappa.

“I will miss him immensely, the laughs, his nickname for me, the silliness, his mind blowing musical talent. He called me his mini me.

“A close friend of his made this PILEDRIVER poster. [See below.] So grateful to every one of his friends and fans, you kept him going for as long as he could.

“Rest in power Gordy, Teener will see you again, please give mom and dad a hug and kiss for me”.

Piledrver released their debut “Metal Inquisition” in 1984, which is considered a classic, containing songs such as “Sex With Satan” (which was later covered by Marduk), “Pile Driver” and the self-titled.

Kirchin took it upon himself to become the “Pile Driver” by adopting the relevant look with the distinctive uniform, studs etc.