Second studio album for the heavy stoner group from Athens that leaves us with the best impressions, and serves worthily the genre, which is very popular in Greece.

“Macho Libre” is an album like this kind of albums should be. It’s not going to claim originality, or inventiveness rewards, but that’s not the point. “Macho Libre” will dominate your home player, you car stereo, and it will sneak into your brain easily.

It’s gutsy, powerful, dirty, and catchy, with great help from the production which is pretty good keeping the stoner atmosphere intact, creating a heavy but crystal clear result. Babis does a great job on vocals, with the expected  and most welcomed grain, while the guitars are fluid with amazing solos that will make you an air guitar expert in no time. The little instrumental tracks in between of the songs play an important role in the structure of the album as they break the heavy pounding and make listening even more interesting.

Finaly, we should point out that there is an amazing video shot for “Leftovers”, which is easily the best music video ever made from a Greek rock, or metal band. Congratulations to Planet Of Zeus for an amazing piece of work and let’s wish them to keep it up with the same devotion and determination.