Planet Of Zeus – Loyal To The Pack


Fourth album for the Greek phenomenon that’s called Planet Of Zeus that came to rock the boat in its own way. It’s different than the previous three, although they all share the same philosophy, showing a band that is not afraid to try, evolve and mature.

The opening with “Welcome To The Pack” is a chaotic connecting link with the past, while “Devil Calls My Name” brings immediately in mind Clutch, as well as Lizzy before things get less heavy, but more cool with “Them Nights”. Personally, I thought that “Little Deceiver” was the weakest song, an inevitable filler that makes your attention turn to “Your Love Makes Me Wanna Hurt Myself” with the bad-ass guitars that delivers a great melody and “Retreat” that takes us into Zakk Wylde territory, flirts with the blues and sounds…painful.
Heavier stuff return on “White Shroud”, one of the best songs in the album, that sounds like Volbeat, Grand Magus, Judas Priest even with an amazing Celtic melody. And while the tank is still full “Scum Alive” brings back the ferocious past that ruled the Planet, with the familiar growls and swagger.

The album concludes with the hypnotic “Indian Red” and the mysterious, as well as enigmatic instrumental “Athens”.

I am sure that nobody was expecting an album like that from Planet Of Zeus and I am positive that “Welcome To The Pack” will divide opinions, but it’s a statement from a band at the top of its popularity in Greece at the moment that doesn’t rest on its present glory, but continues to experiment and keeps the soul searching going. Welcome to the pack!
PS: I couldn’t avoid to mention one of the most special songs on the album, “Sea Bastards”, that smells like South and bourbon!