There’s nothing more positive and hopeful for the health, but most importantly the future of our favourite music than discovering young and talented bands like Plush.

Four girls under 21 formed a band with a little help from the contemporary Rock’n’Roll Queen, Lzzy Hale. Fronted by highly praised The Voice 2017 contestant Moria Formica the quartet pushes the pedal to the metal in one of the most noteworthy debut albums I’ve listened to during the last 10 years. We’re dealing with modern rock with several references to the past pushed through the filter of youth and the exaggerated excitement of listening to Heart, Alice In Chains, Alter Bridge and Halestorm for the first time and managing to adopt all that to your own creation, without copying. Sounds difficult, but Plush make it look easy.

Their work is great from beginning to end, from the production and the arrangements to the compositions, which is the most important thing for an album. Actually, the songs deal with heart breaks, hate, redemption, intimidation, humiliation, revenge, pride, female empowerment and most of them sound like they are based on personal experience. That means that they are coming straight from the heart.
Check out “Hate”, “Found A Way”, “I Don't Care” (that follow one another on the tracklist of the album), “Why Do I Even Try”.

Apart from the charismatic singer, Bella Perron’s guitar stand out with its volume, character personality and imagination. And remember… they are still under 21! Let’s just wish and hope that they will retain this level of energy alive and the quality in their work intact, because that’s the kind of bands we need to listen to and watch in order to answer to the Gene Simmons’s of this world when they say that “rock is dead”…  (for the record, the band has a connection with KISS, as bassist Ashley Suppa sung on Ace Frehley’s solo album “Anomaly” when she was 8!)