According to an announcement by Mike Portnoy, the drummer decided to play “12 Step Suite” in its entirety during a cruise for his 50th birthday, “Cruise To The Edge”, in February. “When I came up with the idea of writing a multi-part suite that was to span five albums (which ended up taking eight years to complete), it was always part of my masterplan to eventually perform it in it’s entirely live on stage. It saddens me that I was not able to do so with Dream Theater after completing the final piece of my conceptual puzzle, but I’ve decided that I owe it to the fans to finally bring my ’12 Step Suite’ to life on stage as I always envisioned. There’s no better time and place than at my 50th Birthday Concert aboard Cruise To The Edge! Joining me for this very special performance will be some great friends and amazing musicians that I know will kick ass in helping me with my unfinished business of bringing this piece of music to life on stage!” Portnoy wrote. Mike Portnoy’s 50th Birthday show will take place during the “Cruise To The Edge” cruise from February 7th to 11th, 2017, leaving from Tampa, FL. Watch CruiseToTheEdge.com for updates and information.

Here’s how “12 Step Suite” unfolds in Dream Theater’s albums:

“The Glass Prison” – Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
I. Reflection
II. Restoration
III. Revelation
“This Dying Soul” – Train Of Thought
IV. Reflections of Reality (Revisited)
V. Release
“The Root Of All Evil” – Octavarium
VI. Ready
VII. Remove
“Repentance” – Systematic Chaos
VIII. Regret
IX. Restitution
“The Shattered Fortress” – Black Clouds And Silver Linings
X. Restraint
XI. Receive
XII. Responsible