“We drink your blood! Kyrie Eleison”! Dude, those Wolves play some serious tihs! The band, consisting of four Germans and one Romanian guy, is releasing an album every two years. “Blood…” is their fourth album and the boys have already made it to No 23 in the German Media control charts); they made some statements, expressing their enthusiasm and excitement…

Fast and furious Metal, staccato, speedy, featuring Power strokes and many other elements, from Pirate to Goth, accompanied by dark passages and superstar highways; beautiful guitars and the voice of Mr. Attila Dorn is epical, darkened, baroque and so much more. Songs like “We drink your blood” (their first video for the album), “Murder at midnight”, “Son of a wolf”, make us understand that the band owns some tremendously catchy songs, they have their own style, their ideas are awesome and, many of you listening to the album, will agree with me that they sound so pleasant. Their melodies are unique and you’re just going to love them!

“Night of the werewolves”! Maan, I just hit the wall! Fantastic outburst! For the record, let me just say that Dorn has studies opera in Bucharest and that the band is actually the spiritual child of Matthew and Charles Greywolf… What was that? You wanna know if they like Iron Maiden?