This is the 6th album for the German power metallers that stay on the path they paved for 12 years now with their catchy music, dark themes and the respective stage performance.
“Blessed And Possessed” is pompous, grandiose and it takes you with it thanks to its melodies as well as the charismatic classically trained frontman Atilla Dorn, even if power metal is not your cup of tea. Powerwolf believe to what they do and they do it quite well, and that’s something that goes beyond any doubt. The arrangements make stuff pretty interesting steering away from the genres monotony which is noticed rather frequently, while the whole theatrical thing is enhanced by the church organ style keyboards that are all over the place. Of course the crystal clear production makes this package work great, that’s to Fredrik Nordström’s credit.

The deluxe double volume includes a second disc with covers to various favorite metal songs like “Touch Of Evil” and “Jawbreaker” by Priest, “Edge Of Thorns” by Savatage, “Shot In The Dark” by Ozzy, as well as “Out In The Fields” by Gary Moore – probably the best of the lot- with a definitive Powerwolf touch.