Prejudice Reborn – Lord Of Light


This is the second album by Prejudice Reborn, following the release of ‘Elpis’ in 2013. In the meantime, they did a collaboration with Dimitris Mentzelos, entitled ‘Rock Rap Heavy’.

‘Prejudice’ is the opening track, and a good representation for those who are not yet familiar with the group: It starts off with a short tribute to Tony Iommi, before jumping on to a thrash riff as the main course, as well as a surprising ‘tribal’ middle section. If you like the sort of heavy metal that showcases and is driven by riffs, there’s a very good chance you’ll more than appreciate tracks such as ‘Witch Hunter’ and ‘Day by Day Hero’ (good chorus there as well). But even when the band tries a more melodic approach, during ‘Haunted Pictures’ or ‘The Girl Who Cries Blood’ for example, they hit the mark once again.

‘Lord of Light’ is the natural evolution of Prejudice Reborn’s sound. However, it’s also a step forward, thanks to the amelioration of the production, the fewer amount of loans by their influences, and the increasing variety and ambitious character of the compositions.