This bizarre story comes straight from the ever reliable website Sleaze Roxx:
Sleaze Roxx contributor and Christopher Carroll ROCK Photography principal Christopher Carroll has found out some interesting information about a brawl involving Pretty Boy Floyd members on or about April 27, 2018.
Carroll has advised: “Today I took a call from an insider who told me the story of Pretty Boy Floyd’s recent trip to Italy. While he wouldn’t give me names, he gave me some great details about a brawl that almost kept Pretty Boy Floyd from playing the Frontiers Rock Festival and even forwarded pictures from the scene!
I’m told they were on plane at 10 pm ready to fly to Italy in order to arrive a day before playing the Frontiers Rock Festival, but before the plane took off a couple of the guys in the Pretty Boy Floyd camp got into a brawl with some of the other passengers! It’s not clear what this brawl was over. It’s also unclear whether these other passengers were members of another one of the bands playing the festival or just random passengers on the plane. My source says “somebody just said the wrong thing to the wrong person” and it was then, that chaos ensued! All four members of Pretty Boy Floyd were kicked off the plane as were six of the other passengers involved. Before you assume this was simply a shouting match, the fact that one of the members of the band as well as three other passengers ended up being transported to the hospital!
Back to the business side of things…. the three remaining band members were allowed to remove their many bags from the plane before it took off without them but it looked like they were going to miss the festival. There was only 1 flight leaving and unfortunately, that flight wasn’t until the following day, again at 10 pm but before they could book that flight, they’d have to wait for their hospitalized member to be cleared to leave … and then hope that flight wasn’t sold out. The next obstacle they faced was, even if they caught that flight, it would get the band in at 1 pm. They would still need to get all of their stuff into a van and to the venue (which was an hour and half away) get to the hotel get ready in 30 minutes and then shuttle to the venue to take the stage. I understand the promoters put Kip Winger on to play to buy some time since Pretty Boy Floyd might be late. Kip was the special VIP player at the festival the day prior.
Well, there IS a happy end to this story and it is that everything worked out for the fans as they did catch that flight the next day, did rush to the hotel, and while they got into a brawl, got kicked off an international flight, went to the hospital and had absolutely no sleep, they evidently picked up the pieces, hit the stage to play a killer set! How is THAT for a Rock & Roll story! You don’t hear about things like this happening anymore. It’s the Sunset Strip ’80s all over again.