In a recent interview on “Do You Know Jack?” show, ex-Judas Priest guitarist, KK Downing, said that he doesn’t want to start or contribute to a new project, except from Priest! “I get lots of invites, which I do turn down,” he explained. “There’s lots of people I know and [with whom] I’ve become good friends from various bands over the years, and it would be lots of fun and good to do something. But I’m thinking if it’s not Judas Priest, then maybe it’s best to just leave it there, really. I’m not of a mind to start over again. But something neat could pop up, something neat could happen — I don’t know… So it’s a case of treading carefully, really, because it is very time consuming to get involved again with new people, and there’s lots of things, logistically, that need to happen. So it’s a lot of hard work and time. I don’t know. There might be a better position for me. Exactly what I don’t know, really. I’ll see what this year brings. I’ve got a lot of things I need to do myself. I’ll see what this year brings and probably will be making definitive decisions at some point, I guess, this year as to where I go next.”