Primal Fear – Apocalypse


20 years since their debut album and Primal Fear not only do not show any sign of slowing down but they are keep delivering impressive albums that stand the test of time! Especially, the last three records prove most emphatically that the German outfit is a metal force to be reckoned with as “Delivering The Black”, “Rulebreaker” and now “Apocalypse” are three records that should belong to every single collection of a self-respected metalhead around the world.

It should be noted that there are no major differences in “Apocalypse” compared to its two predecessors. Primal Fear’s trademark focus on melody wonderfully blended with the frenzy (yet catchy) guitar solos) is still intact and stronger than ever! Scheeper’s voice is in great shape (not that we expected anything less by this charismatic singer) while the triple axe attack by Naumann/Beyrodt/Karlsson blows the listener away. If I had to underline a single differential point maybe that would be an inclination towards a more “complete” and “detailed” way of composing and producing certain songs. I mean, Sinner has done an extraordinary job in songs like “Supernova” and “Eye of the Storm” which kinda remind the atmosphere of such epic numbers by the bad as “Seven Seals”, “All For One”, “Under Your Spell” etc.

Other songs like “The Beast”, “Fight Against Evil”, and “New Rise” should definitely belong to the set list of Primal Fear’s upcoming tour. All in all, Fear is back with yet another masterpiece! They have delivered the black, the fear and the…goods! I think it’s high time for their return in Greece for a show.

Highlight: One of Primal Fear’s best cover artworks…