Primal Fear is a force ro be reckoned with and their new album “Rulebreaker” delivers the goods once again! The German outfit provides the ideal musical landscape for a sonic assault of traditional heavy metal and the listener finds himself amidst a vast selection of qualitative tracks that should make a every true metal fan proud! Primal Fear knows very well that they don’t reinvent the wheel and truth be told here we wouldn’t want them to do otherwise. In fact, I sincerely believe that they have outdone themselves with “Rulebreaker” which is really their best album since “Seven Seals”…at least, that’s my humble opinion.

“Rulebreaker” picks up where “Delivering The Black” and “Unbreakable” stopped and it’s really an improvement for the band as the compositions are really tight, well-crafted and memorable. I guess that says a lot considering the impressive quality level of the two predecessors of “Rulebreaker”. At first, I was reserved as the first sample with the video clip of “The End Is Near” was OK but not something spectacular. Luckily for all of us, “Rulebreaker includes some bombastic metal anthems! Highlights are definitely “Bullets & Tears”, “The Devil In Me”, “In Metal We Trust” and the title song. Ralf Scheepers is phenomenal behind the mic, Mat Sinner is an absolute genius in the production department and the rest of the band is absolutely on fire!

I believe that “Rulebreaker” is an instant classic for Primal Fear and if you want to paint a good picture of the album before you purchase it, just take a listen to the aforementioned four songs…you will be blown away!

Highlight: The limited edition of the album includes two bonus tracks plus a DVD.