Primordial @ Temple


Greece loves Primordial and as the feeling is mutual they always return. This time they offered us a two hour set that left every fan satisfied.


“embrace the fire and spit on the chains”

The night started (with a slight delay) at 20:50. I didn’t know much about NEFARIOUS SPIRIT (they don’t give much info anyway, preferring to stay away from social media etc) but they were very interesting. They played songs from “Nefarious Spirit” demo and a proper cover of “Equimanthorn” (Bathory). Their set lasted 40 minutes, sound was good enough and their appearance has lot of 90s elements, singer with cerecloth at the beginning, a small dose of blood (don’t try this at home) etc but the audience seemed kind of detached with their stuff.

Setlist: Holy demise / Nefarious spirit / Thrones / (untitled) / Brimstone clouds / Equimanthorn ( bathory cover) / Destructive impulses


“kiss the waters of knowledge, drink from them.. .and be redeemed!”

After an unnecessary break EMBRACE OF THORNS came on stage. The Athenians have the experience of live performances so they gave us an overwhelming black/death attack (with clever doom breaks when needed). Sound was mediocre but this didn’t seem to bother the band much.

Setlist: Intro/Mutter Aller Leiden / Ancient Waters Speak / Reducto ad Absurdum / My Hermetic Quest / Atonement Ritual / Tombs of the Desecrated Zealots / Wanderer and his Shadow / Venom in Veins / Wolf Unchained

 “Do you have justice to trump the divine…”

But the night belonged to PRIMORDIAL that came and conquered the venue and  Temple proved too small to keep up with the number of fans (gig was sold out days before) but also the passion that swelled from the fans. “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” was the ideal beginning but of course many great moments followed. Hard to choose favorite moments but some tracks that stood out were “No Grave Deep Enough”, “As Rome Burns”, “Wield Lightning To Split The Sun” and the all time classic “Coffin Ships” where the fans gone completely nuts.
The only gripe (not from our side but also by Alan) was the sound problems but this didn’t really last long (a new track was coming and a new pit was set already…).
Everyone seemed to have a fabulous time, which was expected with such great music and a frontman that lives every moment he has on stage (that look in his eyes!) and this was easily recognizable by fans.


Setlist: where greater men have fallen / nail their tongues / gods to the godless / no grave deep enough / babel’s tower / the burning season / stolen years / as rome burns / to hell or the hangman / lain with the wolf / wield lightning to split the sun / coffin ships / sons of the morrigan / empire falls / heathen tribes


® live report/photographs: Konstantinos Mindcrimek Vlachos