I was wondering where those guys from Thessaloniki were. A while ago they stated that the last 2 were a really tough period for them but they managed to record their new album. In the tough situations is of course the departure of Bax. Founding member, composer and guitarist. After the release of their album, they will take some time to regroup and hit the stage.

So, we have the 4th album for the Psychos in their 13 years as a band. They like a sound which is not very popular in Greece, but they don’t mind at all. You could describe them as high quality metalcore, making them one of the best bands around. Amazing guitars, brutal and melodic (not cheesy) vocals, solos, beatdowns all together in an excellent blend which will make you bang your head until you can’t take any more. Fantastic songs such as “Drop Dead”, “Pathogenic”, “12 Gauge” and “Suicide Forest Tape” are made to cause chaos when played live. They also have a very special guest in “Give It Up”, the mighty Gary Meskil of Pro-Pain.

Bands like them keep the status of the Greek metal scene in a high level. Check also a very nice video of them, performing the song “Ratrace”. Stay Psycho!