After 5 years filled with remarkable and solid live appearances, not only in Greece, but also abroad, full of undoubtedly worth mentioning sound material (check “Until The End”) ,  PulseR’s second album is here. And this album definitely reflects the band’s progress and quality. Even the first few seconds of “In Chains”, give one the urge to headbang, and as the listening continues, a unique “musical philosophy” is revealed, consisting of a variety of beautifully interwoven musical influences. Influences which are tied in such a way, that makes one believe that this band is capable of adding any given kind of sound in its compositions, without them seeming excessive or “afterthought-ey”. A solid example is probably some electronic elements in “Remember me” and “Wake up Call”. At the same time, “crystal” riffs (“Mind Trap”) but also heavier ones (“Digital (R) Evolution”) go together with “spotless” leads, like in “Downward Spiral”, making “In chains” an album, which one would hardly believe is just the second release of a band. But, exactly due to the professionalism and maturity embedded in it, it wouldn’t be unsafe to assume that it is a benchmark, which every group hoping to take its first steps in the business, would like to reach.