Pythia – Shadows Of A Broken Past


I’m starting to like the fact that female fronted bands of symphonic metal turn up one after the other in England and especially that most of them are very good. This seems even more interesting since there has been a decline in this kind of music in the rest of the world. When you see something flourishing in the home of rock and metal music then probably something interesting is on the way.

So, one of these bands is Pythia. Their third album shows a band with a lot of zest, maturity and most important a lot of new ideas. They sound like early Nightwish but with a little more metal sound and an exceptional voice from Emily Alice Ovenden.  “Shadows Of A Broken Past” consists of ten very good songs and I am almost sure that it will be embraced by the fans of this kind. From these ten songs I would like to single out the very beautiful “Yellow Rose” which I believe is the one that gives more color to the whole album.

Pythia has paved a remarkable course in their field, and I strongly believe that with such releases their future is going to be bright.