Quartz – Fear No Evil


British music veterans Quartz, despite being resurrected since 2011, hit the recent news mostly because of the reissue of their catalog through No Remorse Records and the passing of their legendary singer Mike Taylor a few months ago. On the aftermath of these events, a new album emerged out of the blue and after 23 years of inactivity. I should start by saying that Quartz is one of the historic and most recognizable bands of the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement. With their special sound they managed to stick out of the rest almost in the way that Saracen did. More mature and lyrical and in more direct contact with the hard rock side rather than the emerging at the time heavy metal one. And since the old dog doesn’t change its habits, Fear No Evil is very close to the well known sound and style of the band. If there is a difference to be spotted it would be a somehow heavier guitar sound. The compositions though don’t bear many of the quality aspects of the preceding albums. This is an honest effort but I couldn’t find something to keep me alert or intrigue me for consecutive spins. Loyal to their style, with the only exceptions being a couple of heavier and somehow out of place songs, but lacking the material that will make you turn your head without the reference of the Quartz name.