Rock Under the Sign of Thunder aka… R.U.S.T. The boys from Romania have released their debut album; what we heard since minute one: Epic Metal! Yeap, the very species some other peeps insist on calling True Metal. The quartet is laying down their ideas, shooting with mighty porosis and running to attack like there is no tomorrow. Yeah, we run along, too. The lads from the Balkans are truly into Metal and it shows! Production may not be like the ones we are used to listen to, when it comes to the grand names of the genre, the voice is not like the supervox we get to hear, although its color is a bit German, however the songs are wild, totally Konan, these songs are a pretty good reason to raise glasses and shout. Instrumental “Prelude to sign of the King” is beautiful! Now, for the boys and gals that mumbled about the fact that title track riff is close to that of “Am I evil?”… I gotta tell you I noticed it, too, yet what do you say we don’t make a fuss about it?

I’m sure that many of the Epic Metal fans, many Manowar fans, many peeps into old school as well as all those into Heavy War riffs will like the album. I wish these boys got invited to one of the Keep It True festivals, the crowd would love them…