Ragenheart – The Last King


If you have not heard “The Spartan” of Ragenheart from the album with the name of the band from 2010, you have to act immediately. You will understand that we are dealing with serious traditional metal, metal of the heart and the golden age of the 80’s. For those who know Ragenheart, eight years was a long period.

Cover, title and theme with Konstantinos Palaiologos and Byzantium, provoke positive vibes before we even hit “play”. “A thousand years empire”, the short and atmospheric introduction leads us to the homonymous song. The epic riff, a mid tempo rhythm, and a great voice (Yannis Koroneos) travels us to the past: “Fire is breaking the walls, Defenders – They fight for the cause – Archers stand up high” and you know that the long wait was worth it. Epic! “Fear” is an Accept-like piece for headbanging (with the bass in red), while “Echo” is not too far away. Classic metal! “Mirror” returns to epic-power trails (Manowar like), while “Metal rules the night” does not need any analysis. “Dreamer” is the rest of the warrior and the goodies of the album are not finished yet. “Blind alley”, “Forever rain” is melodic heavy / power, powerful as it should be, and closing with the exciting power ballad “The End”.
The rain that falls in “Our Mighty Past” is the purification after this nostalgic heavy metal experience.

Albums like these are not easily made anymore. Ragenheart did it and they deserve congratulations for their compositions, their playing, their quality and their dedication (they exist since 2002!).

If we were to grade, here at Rockpages.gr, “The last king” would be an unmatched and indisputable nine!