Quite remarkable, but this Italian band has been around for… thirty years and we still haven’t heard of them! But, it’s never too late to discover new music, even though it’s not that new, as far as its original release is concerned…
Rain is an Italian hard rock band that decided to re-record some songs from its vast career range and put them on this re-freshed best of compilation, along side a brand new song, “Whiskey On The Route 66”. This CD is a very good opportunity for all of those that never heard of them –mysel included- to get an idea of what they’ve been doing in he last thirty years.
The band started off in 1980, but managed to have a stable lineup in 1988, released six studio albums since 1990, opened for loads of big shows and toured, both in Italy, as well as abroad.

Their material is pleasant to listen to, the production is quite good, and the songs pretty catchy. Of course, since this is a career-spanning compilation it’s quite reasonable that the style from one song to another may vary, but I can imagine –since I haven’t heard the originals- that the band cut them to their size. Plus, another thing we should add is that the band totally American, not only music-wise, but also vocal-wise, which is something that can give any band that English is not their primal language, a very hard time.

Strongly recommended: “Whiskey On The Route 666”, “Rain Revolution” and “End Of Time”.