This is the kind of release that anyone will find it hard to compare to other hard rock ones coming from Greece, since it’s a unique album and it’s not only hard rock but also a combination of the new metal sound coming from America through bands like Sixx A.M. or Nickelback.

The only thing for sure is that it has a strong identity and this identity is simply called Rain Or Shine. You will find reviews describing it as an album influenced by bands such as Bon Jovi, Europe, Winger, Nickelback & Giant. And maybe it is in some parts, but it’s definitely a more unique listen than the usual. It’s also far more elaborate than the first one ‘’Seize the Night’’, which was released officially in 2018, but became available for downloading in 2014.
Melodic hard rock paired nicely with the contemporary sound and catchy riffs is what makes this album amazing. Steve Verano proves than a single man can carry out the work of an entire team.

Steve is not only the singer but also the composer, producer, guitarist, bass and keyboards player behind “The Darkest Part of Me”. The only part he needed an extra hand was from his good friend and drummer Andy R.McCormick known from his time with the Greek sleaze band Wild Machine.

The mastering of the new album took place in Soundflakes Studios with the help of John Mcris in June 2018 and was released from Perris Records on February 15th of 2019. This well crafted marriage of the modern metal sound with the 80s hard rock is guaranteed to draw the attention of hard rock fans as well as from other genres too.

If I had to choose the best songs, I would definitely put the hit label on ʺThe Darkest Part Of Meʺ and ʺWe All Back Downʺ. I strongly believe that these are the two catchiest songs of the album and the level of professionalism is high in comparison with the similar cuts from the first album.

It surely deserves to be a part of every hard rock collection out there!