Rainbow – In The Shadow Of The Wizard (1975-1976), Jerry Bloom


We have said it before. Jerry Bloom and Wymer Publications are two names that guarantee quality and sheer perfection on every level. Especially those books about Rainbow and Deep Purple, I dare to say that are by far the best in the market (right beside those excellent publications by the legendary Simon Robinson). So once again we found ourselves in that much…envied situation of pre-ordering the book and waiting (im)patiently for its arrival.

“In The Shadow Of The Wizard” focuses on the first couple of years of Rainbow’s beginning which are rightfully considered by the vast majority of the fans as being the most important ones in the band’s illustrious career. Jerry Bloom leaves us again under the greatest impressions with his thorough search and the depth of his detailed information while at the same time he manages to makes the whole reading experience a most enjoyable one as he includes plenty of unreleased photos and archival material from 1975-1976.

Bloom begins the Rainbow journey from the very end of 1974 when there are hints of a Blackmore and Dio recording of “Black Sheep Of The Family” (at the Gillan studios from all places, that is…), continues through the first album and the consecutive US Tour, the Rising album and the world tour and makes a short yet important note on the “On Stage” album which was released in 1977 but at the same time ends ideally the course of the classic –yet short-lived- Rainbow line-up.

And if all these simply weren’t enough, the first 250 copies include a replica of the rare Aussie tourbook of “Rising”, two press releases for “Rising” and “On Stage” plus two promo photos. All in all, this 224-page hardback book is by far one of the best Rainbow books ever and it goes without saying that all fans will be…over the Rainbow upon reading it!