When Sweden’s Ram first appeared 12 years ago with the Sudden Impact EP, classic heavy metal had just started its counterattack. Inevitably the band led this movement that gradually grew larger leading to the formation of hundreds of new bands from all around the world which play metal music paying tribute to Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, King Diamond, Accept, Saxon etc. Ram is back to remind everyone why they were mentioned as one of the leaders of this rebirth. Staying loyal and true to their sound as it was formed from Lightbringer (2009) and forth, meaning reducing speed but persisting on Judas Priest metal grafted with King Diamond/Mercyful Fate elements, Subversum is a dynamic album that will satisfy all fans of classic heavy metal as all previous Ram efforts did. The great thing with Ram is that they don’t sound like a cheap copy of their influences nor are they trying to replicate the sound of that era so that the result would sound like it was recorded 30 years ago. A classic metal band playing with contemporary terms. That’s what I really like about them beyond their ability to craft good songs.