Raven – Extermination


It’s likely that Heavy Metal is some kind of virus which you contract at a young age and cannot shake off for the rest of your life. If such is the case then Raven is obviously an incurable case. Loyal to Heavy metal music for 40 years, tireless and driven by kicks and the love for it all since I don’t believe that there’s anyone out there who thinks that the Gallagher brothers and Joe Hasselvander (member of the band for the last 27 years!) have earned any serious money from recording and touring. Extermination is yet another decent album, more on the heavy than on the speed side, that doesn’t reinvent the wheel. On the contrary it just motivates you to headbang and airguitar, the usual reactions that accompany each Raven album.  Plenty of songs on the tracklist but no signs of fatigue at all. Recommended to every unrepentant metalhead who feels that he has contracted the same disease as Raven and manifests the same symptoms. Rock until you drop!