Razorbats – Camp Rock


Coming from Norway, a country with a great tradition to our favorite music, whether it’s rock, or metal, Razorbats are no exceptions to the rule! You can listen to their rawk compatriots influence in their sound, as well as the influences of their compatriots, like for example say KISS!

The albums kicks off with the aptly titled song “Planet Riff” which is big, loud, careless and anthemic like rock’n’roll itself. “Internal War” follows up dropping the tempo a bit, but not the quality which leads us to the absolute highlight of the album “Kids Of The ‘70s”, which serves as a tribute to that legendary generation but can also be a rightfully self-description for the band. Caught somewhere between Britain and the US, it could as well has been a Cheap Trick, or even a Wildhearts song. Razorbats play their cards really well flirting with the “retro”genre of bands that cram our speakers lately, but they are able to add several  of their own touches on their canvas, making them stand out from the masses. Bands like this is the hope that our favorite music can surely get inspired and lean on rock’s glorious past, as well as move forward and create something fresh and interesting.

If you are into what we call “rawk” you should definitely check them out. Over and out!