Last night Iron Maiden played their last show of the “Book Of Souls” in Wacken at the famous Open Air Festival that is held there every year. Their show, as well as the festival, was broadcasted through streaming on ArteHD and the official Wacken Open Air Channel allowing people all round the globe to watch what the 80.000 that were there had the privilege to experience. Social media were “invade” by Maiden fans who were sharing photos and videos from the stream. was at the Crow Club that was projecting the stream on its screens with the people inside the club roaring, clapping and living every moment of the show quite intensively. Probably, the people in the club was more intense than the people at Wacken. The band’s performance was amazing. Maiden were enjoying this like teenagers. They’d run all around the stage, having fun, harassing Eddie but most importantly making the hordes of their fans proud with their amazing performance. Also, the show coverage was impeccable with great photography, impressive shots that wouldn’t let you miss a thing from the action on stage. Plus, despite the network’s heavy load due to the thousands of fans streaming at the same time, the sound quality was superb, while the technical problems and glitches were almost nonexistent. If you missed the live coverage of Iron Maiden’s performance you watch it below (note that due to copyright the links with the entire show my become unavailable. We will be trying to refresh this page with working hyperlinks from the show). If you want to catch the action from Wacken live click here: