During the US presidential election and when the result and Trump’s victory started to become evident the Twitter accounts of several well know figures in the rock and metal scene were on fire. Here’s some reactions:
Scott Ian: Hey guys relax. I’m 17 hours in the future here in Japan and everything is OK.
Corey Taylor: I didn’t think my country could be this fucking stupid or hateful.
I’m disgusted. I won’t tell you ‘I told you so’ when he tries to fuck you.
Nikki Sixx: Can I build a wall around myself?
Mike Portnoy: 9/11 & 11/9 The two biggest moments in US history in my lifetime…
Dino Cazares: Shocked and Concerned for our future
Duff McKagan: Holy sh*t
Tommy Lee: What the actual fuck is happening?
On the other hand, Ted Nugent uploaded this photo…