In a recent statement to Sirius XM, Klaus Meine said that the Scorpions aim to release a hard album. The singer was asked whether the bad has started working on the new album or not and he respondedL “Actually, we started last year. Rudolf and me — also Matthias— we wrote a couple of songs. It was just, like, ‘Should we make another album?’ And then, ‘Yeah, let’s give it a try.’ And we had such a great creative flow. But then, in June last year, we had to stop, because we played all over Europe, and, later last year, in South America, in Russia, all those places. And it felt so good. And now we pick it up again when we come back from this trip in Australia, Southeast Asia, when we come back, we go right into pre-production and pick it up where we left it last year in June. But last year, we wrote about 10 new songs or something, and, of course, there’s much more in the tank. And we’re just right now on it and at it. Rudolf is in Thailand over the winter at times, and I hope he comes back with some killer riffs. Because working with producer Greg Fidelman, of course, all the hard and heavy fans know him from his work with Metallica and Slipknot. We try to focus on the harder edge of the band and try to find the Scorpions DNA from the good old days, like ‘Blackout’ and all those records. I don’t know if it works out that way, but this is what we try to do, and really try to focus on the harder edge of the band.”