Lions Pride Music feels excited to present you Reality Suite’s brand new official video fourth single “Grave (Remix)”! The band stated: “Thank you for your support of Reality Suite’s current release on Lions Pride Music, “Awaken (Deluxe).” We have a new single official video coming out on December 6th, a remix of our song “Grave”.

The song Grave addresses the female struggle with self image and pressures. The story follows Kimmi, our singer who is pressured into cosmetic surgery. After a procedure, there are complications with her recovery which results in a rescue mission with first responders. The video explores other female pressures via substories portrayed by other female actors – all the while the band performs after dark, surrounded by a candlelight vigil. At the climax of the video, Kimmii strips and says goodbye to her demons as she throws her wedding dress into a bonfire surrounded by onlookers.”

“Grave (Remix)” is now available for digital download and streaming in all the good digital known platforms!
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