Reckless Love is one of those bands that had made quite an impression to me with their unbelievable debut album a year or so ago. As a matter of fact, the song “Back To Paradise” was one of the catchiest dance rock tracks ever and it should have been a huge hit worldwide. Having beside them the unanimous support of the fans and rave reviews from the press, Reckless Love entered the studio to record its sophomore effort and succeeded in blowing our minds a few months back when they released the teaser single/video called “Hot”. One hell of a song, in the vein of all the classic songs of Reckless Love (David Lee Roth meets Poison in a melodic rock n roll path).

As you can gather, we expected a lot of “Animal Attraction”…maybe, too much from a relatively new band. Unfortunately, we were partially disappointed (please, hold the word “partially”). All in all, there were a few good compositions with uplifting, catchy elements but on the other hand there was nowhere to be found this magical, unique thing that took us all by surprise in the debut album. Don’t get me wrong…there are 2-3 great songs and an overall good level of quality in the rest of the bunch…but, as I said, I expected even more and probably that was my mistake. Nevertheless, we will carry on supporting Reckless Love and we will be right beside them in their next album.

Highlight: “Hot”, “Born To Break Your Heart” and “Dance” are the top moments of the album.