Reflection/Achelous @ Crow Club


Achelous-Reflection coalition at Crow club on the first day of summer and the night held no surprises. But what exactly does this mean? Beautiful atmosphere, smiling faces, great sound and top performances. What more could one possible ask from a concert?

Achelous are on a roll and cannot be stopped. Gig after gig they become better, tighter and with the attitude of a veteran band. This time I would like to focus a bit more on the guitar duo. These guys are a perfect fit that complete each other. George Mavrommatis was on a rampage, he burnt his fingers through the fretboard and the fact that he severed just one string out of six, is a great achievement! On the other hand Harris Ntinos and his centaurian posture offers a more stoic and imposing image. The songs have become anthems and no matter which of them make it to the set, there is no way the crowd wont sing along and cheer.


When it comes to Reflection I find it very hard to be objective. They hold a very special place in my heart both as musicians and as individuals and as long as they find the courage to get on a stage, I will be among the crowd singing their immortal anthems. This time the set was enhanced with the 9 minute long epic Children of War, a whole 20 years after its release, while I was fortunate enough to be treated with one of my personal favorites, Who Will Dare to Bend the Bow from Odysseia.

Achelous certified that are on an ascending ride and Reflection proved that are definitely living a second youth, eager to play live and write new material. And the crowd awarded both with a full venue although the Champions League Final was taking place at the same time. That fact alone speaks volumes.

Kostas Kounadinis

Photos: Costas Giavrimis