Regulus – Smoke


The band from Sheffield comes back with its third album. The timing is considered critical for the future of the band which knows this observation.

Mature enough, they present an excellent album in a rather stoner rock direction with many technical qualities. In terms of composing “Smoke” is also at a very significant level. Powerful and big, certifies from the very first listening that Regulus have made a quite big step forward. The influences from Led Zeppelin and Hawkwind type space rock are obvious in several parts of “Smoke” in a way that are not …disclosing the four musicians but  rather help them to create the atmosphere they want and that finally manage to make.
The track that stands out from the “Smoke” is a southern blues song entitled “The Dregs” which to many will remind something of Lynyrd Skynyrd or Molly Hatchet, a song from anywhere except England …

Overall, “Smoke” is a very interesting project and I think that for this album Regulus should look for a label to avoid any injustice for it and mainly for themselves.