According to Jinjer’s Facebook page the band was forced to not perform at Tbilisi Jam Festival today because religious fanatics attacked the venue and cut the electricity. “Well, friends, there is some bad news worth sharing!!!
For the first time over several years JINJER’s performance was cancelled today due to the attack by religious fanatics. Tbilisi JAM Fest was disrupted because the monastery not far away (about 1 km away) didn’t like it, the priests brought an angry crowd of believers and assaulted the festival area!!! Even though the festival had all necessary permissions by local authorities, the fanatics just cut off the electricity. The most shocking was that the Police was just standing aside and watching… It is sad to realize that in Georgia, the country which seemed to be civilized, RELIGION has MORE POWER than the LAW.
We really hope that the organizers will be able to find an alternative location and JINJER will be albe to play tomorrow before we fly back to Ukraine”. On the Festival’s page there is an announcememt that apologizes for what happened and says that will keep the audience up to date with the promoters’ decisions and plans.