This is yet another remarkable effort by a Greek outfit that revolves around the melodic rock genre; a style of music that is surprisingly quite popular the last few years in Greece. Reload was formed three years ago and “Hotter Than A Bullet” is their debut album. Essentially, Reload is comprised of members of Power Crue, Normah, Isospin & Diary of Secrets while Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Outloud) plays the producer’s role on this recording opus.

“Hotter Than A Bullet” may not reach the absolute perfection but it’s quite enjoyable and it includes 5-6 quite inspired tracks. The band is well-rehearsed and technically flawless –although, there is still some work to be done on the lead vocals department-, the production is satisfactory and the songs in general are catchy and well crafted. “Comeback”, “Candle In The Night” and “Survive” are the standout tracks and honestly they could have been written by an established outfit from abroad. Naturally, we could have lived without 2-3 mediocre moments (“Superhero”, “Higher”, “Give in to The Night”) but this fact doesn’t ruin the overall positive appreciation of the whole album.

I am confident that Reload has a lot to offer as they are young and talented. All the fans of the European hard n’ heavy sound should better check them out.

Highlight: Reload was the opening act of Outloud’s recent European tour.