The second album by the Swedish trio has everything it takes to draw our attention. Just consider how many fans dig in orthodox black metal bands and then you know the timing is perfect. Moreover REV 16:8 hails from Sweden, the land that leads the way in this unholy genre (and the French are following close behind) plus the band’s vocalist, Talon, used to be the guitarist of IXXI.
A good elaborated record with a haunting satanic atmosphere, alternations between fast and mid-tempo riffs, heavy, complex and as melodic as an orthodox black metal album usually sounds. Does it remind you of something you are already familiar with? Unfortunately REV 16:8 are following the beaten track of the entire Swedish scene thus bringing in mind everything from Marduk and Dissection to Watain, Ofermod, Nefandus, IXXI and so on.

All in all it’s very nice music but lacks originality.


REV 16:8