Rick Springfield – Rocket Science


Amazing album! This is definitely the best melodic rock record that I’ve listened to in 2016. Naturally, Rick Springfield is a legendary artist and we always expect nothing but the best from him. But with “Rocket Science” we were in for a huge surprise as we found ourselves skyrocketed to a sonic heaven! After all, Springfield has never (ever) released something less than qualitative so it goes without saying that “Rocket Science” is not an exception to the rule. The production is crystal clear and loud thus it would be on constant radio rotation…if we’d live in an ideal (and more musically tasteful) world.

From my perspective, “Rocket Science” comes straight out of the Mutt Lange Holy Bible! All the songs are catchy and groovy…just imagine a mixture of Bryan Adams (circa 1991) and Nickelback (circa 2008) enriched with a light dose of Tom Petty (Full Moon Fever era). In other words, Springfield presents his trademark pop rock sound but this time around he openly flirts with a country vibe which is absolutely fitting with the overall final result. Well, don’t imagine of course that Springfield turned into Garth Brooks or something. He just went for a country meets pop-rock hybrid that was so popular in the late 90s when Mutt Lange left his permanent stamp on it.

Needless to say that you don’t need to be a rocket science to find yourself face to face with the conclusion that this album is a “must have”…period!

Highlight: Bassist Matt Bissonette has played an important role in “Rocket Science”.