Ricky Warwick – When Life Was Hard And Fast


The Irishman’s best album is a mix of hard and melodic rock’n’roll with swagger and street cred from his tormented homeland.

There is no lack of quality in any moment of the album which takes you like blizzard to its pace right from the first song and won’t let you till the end. If I had to find a difference between his previous double album that would be that on this one the songs are more to the point, the melodies are catchier and in general everything is a notch better. You see Ricky is not a rookie!

Also, his pal Joe Elliott, Thunder’s Luke Morley, Guns’n’Roses’ Dizzy Reed and Andy Taylor lent a hand. Keith Nelson is responsible for the great production. The title might make it sound relevant talking about a time when everything “was hard and fast” that looks far away at the moment.

“Do You Love Me” is a true highlight, and picking this one as the first music video from the album was not a coincidence. Also, “Fighting Heart”, will stay in your brain instantly, and could have easily been in a Black Star Riders album.

For collectors there is also an edition with a bonus disc containing covers on songs from Iron Maiden to… Britney Spears – I kid you not!