Rob Zombie – The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy


Let’s talk a little bit about time. It took me approximately 42 seconds to remember and jot down exactly the title of this new album by Rob Zombie. 127 minutes passed for two consecutive listening sessions of the album and I managed to fully remember 1-2 song titles and link them with the music that I listened to. A five-year gap exists between the last recording effort by Rob Zombie (don’t make me write down the title…I will need an extra 51 seconds) and the new record. Last but certainly not least, I defy even the most die-hard fan of Rob Zombie to say by heart the complete tracklist as this competes (in genius or fantasy) the ever trademark, long titles by Meatloaf!

And after this short chronicle of time, let’s just say that “The Lunar…” is a classic sample of the overall aesthetic and style of Rob Zombie. You don’t need more than 8-9 seconds (the topic of time again, right?) so as to understand that this is Rob Zombie! The groovy structure of the songs through the 50’s movie horror atmosphere wonderfully blend with the industrial production, the sharp guitars and the raspy Zombie vocals. The result being a constant, almost subconscious rhythm tapping of the foot throughout the duration of the album. The interludes with the characteristic Zombie spoken parts are ideal for the perfect flow of the album thus creating a sensational mood.

And this is where my small objection lies: “The Lunar…” might be a remarkable effort but we have experienced the same sound by Rob Zombie so many times in the past (and with better results, I must add…”Hellbilly Deluxe”, “The Sinister Urge”, for a starter’s pack). It’s not really a critique of the album or the overall Zombie approach…just a small…Lunar Introspective Reflection. That’s all!

Highlight: First Zombie album with Nuclear Blast…we lived to see that, too.